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Friday, November 9

Video: A young women regularly drinks her dog's urine because she believes it can cure all her problems!

Young women regularly drinks her dog's urine

They say you have to suffer to be beautiful. Indeed, this is unfortunately too often true,but what's most disturbing about all this is that if we're willing to suffer in order to be beautiful,but what's most disturbing about all this is that if we are willing to suffer in order to embellish ourselves, we' re actually willing to do anything in order to receive a compliment or two about the way we look physically.

Now, if you're here telling yourself that we're exaggerating by saying that people are willing to do "anything" to look good, it's only because you don't know the Amy Lynn Lew story yet.

Let's face it, it's pretty hard to beat Amy Lynn Lew when it comes to the crazy things we're willing to do to look pretty. Of course, Amy may not suffer to look pretty, but for many people, just thinking about what she agrees to do to look pretty is a painful thing. Amy had acne problems and in order to fix this problem for good, the young woman chose a rather... original treatment. While we usually go to a dermatologist or similar specialist when we deal with acne problems, Amy has decided to turn to... her dog. According to Amy's claims, her dog's urine has properties that would cure her acne problems, in addition, to give a natural glow to her face.

In the video, it was clear that Amy was going to collect urine from her dog with a plastic glass. Then, the next second, she would "feast" the dog urine by drinking it, in front of the camera's eye.

As Amy explained in her video, the young woman says that she was depressed before she started drinking her dog's urine. But her depression is now a thing of the past, thanks to her dog's urine, Amy has put an end to many of her problems. Not only does she no longer have acne problems, but she has found her happiness again. According to Amy, dog urine is a significant source of vitamins A and E, as well as a good source of calcium. Otherwise, it is not known where Amy got such information, but she also claims that dog urine has cancer-fighting.

It' s important NOT TO drink your dog's urine for any reason, as all health specialists will tell you: there is no point in doing such a thing. And Hopefully, someone will finally tell Amy...

Thursday, November 8

Video: A CNN journalist's accreditation suspended by the White House after having "placed his hands on a woman"He states " A Lie"

Video: A CNN journalist's accreditation suspended by the White House after having "placed his hands on a woman"He states " A Lie"

A sanction that the White House justifies by the journalist's behavior... who just wanted to ask questions.

"I can fire everyone right now." This short sentence pronounced by Donald Trump at the end of his press conference on Wednesday, November 7, now makes sense. A few minutes earlier, the real estate guru, who was to talk about midterm results during a press conference., attacked Jim Acosta, a CNN journalist who is accredited at the White House.

The reason for this was his embarrassing questions pointed to Trump about his position regarding the "caravan"'s migrants and the investigation into suspected collusion with Russia, as shown in the video below:

On Twitter, several correspondents on site reported a few minutes later that Jim Acosta had been penalized by the US Presidency, which suspended him from his accreditation. This was later confirmed by Jim Acosta on Twitter."I have just been denied access to the White House," he said.

For her part, Sarah Sanders, the White House spokeswoman, stated that it was due to his behavior to which the journalist was penalized. "President Trump believes in a free press (...) But we will never tolerate a reporter laying his hand on a young woman simply trying to do her internship in the White House," she tweeted. "It's a lie," Jim Acosta immediately replied.

In a statement, the US TV station also denounced Sarah Sanders' "lies"."She provided false accusations and mentioned an incident that never happened. This unprecedented decision is a serious threat to our democracy, and our country deserves better," CNN added, stating that Jim Acosta had the full support of the editorial staff.

It did not take long for the Presidential Press Association to stand up for Jim Acosta."Revoking access to the White House complex is a disproportionate reaction to the alleged offense, and is unacceptable", stated in a statement Olivier Knox, head of the White House Correspondents' Association. This structure also strongly urges the US Presidency to "immediately cancel this low and misguided action".

Notably, this is not the only clash that the 45th American President made during a press conference. To a black journalist who was questioning him about his nationalist rhetoric, which could play into the hands of white supremacists, Donald Trump replied that she had just asked "a racist question".

Wednesday, November 7

US: Democratic push, but no "blue wave" anti-Trump!

US: Democratic push, but no "blue wave" anti-Trump!

The Democrats won a precious victory in the mid-term elections on Tuesday evening by taking partial control of Congress, but the announced anti-Trump "wave" did not take place. 

Two years after the shock victory of Donald Trump, who was promoted to the White House without any political or diplomatic experience, voters crowded into polling stations across the country.

According to estimates by American TV stations, the Democrats have regained control of the House of Representatives for the first time since 2010. Republicans, on the other hand, have retained their majority in the Senate, which they could even increase by one or two seats. The United States will find itself, in January 2019, with a divided 116th Congress, which should limit the 45th President of the United States' room for maneuver until the next legislative and presidential elections, scheduled for November 2020.

Kanye West gives Kim Kardashian a very beautiful surprise!

Kim Kardashian always supports Kanye West all the time in his projects. and also takes great care of her husband. Kanye West, therefore, wanted to thank his sweetheart by giving her a very lovely surprise! 


Kim Kardashian has always appeared as a caring and sensitive woman who loves her husband. The reality TV star always encourages the rapper in his decisions and helps him a lot. And even if she doesn't always fully agree with him, she is always trying to support him to the best of her ability. Kanye West has lost his fame since he made the announcement that he supports Donald Trump's policy. Luckily, he can count on his wife's help to get him elected for the upcoming elections! Kanye West was remarkably romantic this weekend with Kim Kardashian. in fact on Sunday, she unveiled several photos of her house with many bouquets of white pink roses. Obviously, the rapper was planning to surprise his wife by placing flowers all over the house! This is something that particularly pleased Kim who was very happy enough to share all the picture with her followers! on her Instagram account!


With all the attention Kanye West has given, it seems that the couple is doing very well. However, a few weeks ago, The man announced to the media that he was preparing to move to Chicago permanently. The rapper wants to start a new music project and he doesn't want to live in LA anymore. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian had said that she was not willing to follow Kanye West to Chicago and instead, she would stay with her children in Los Angeles! However, Kim had also said that she supports her husband in this decision. And especially when the two stars were already owning a villa in Chicago. Nevertheless, Kim Kardashian had admitted that she was not worried about her relationship with her husband. According to her, Kanye West often makes huge choices but doesn't always stick to them... We only have to wait for the couple to decide what will become after a couple of months.

how did women invent beer

how did women invent beer

While beer is still one of the most widely consumed alcoholic beverages in the world today, its history, relatively unknown and still holds some surprises. Because if a beer has often been represented in our contemporary times as a symbol of male virility, it has not always been so.

In a long investigation, Ulyces magazine traces the genesis of beer, invented by women, and looks back at the history and hard work of those who created it 9,000 years ago in the Middle East. 

First called "liquid bread", the drink would have come into being a little by chance, after the involuntary fermentation of barley grains over an entire night. In Egypt, Mesopotamia, Scandinavia, the Celts, and the Incas, beer was considered a female symbol of fertility and even immortality. 

Progressive exclusion 

However, beer was not perceived in the same way in different parts of the world. Thus, because it was made and consumed by women, "the Greeks and Romans despised beer, a women's drink, and preferred wine to it," the magazine wrote. But not only that. In the minds of the Greeks and Romans, the drink was also perceived as a "barbarian" drink, like the adventures of Asterix. 

"[Beer] was particularly popular in Gaul, and known as "Cervoise". This is where the barrel appeared, which made it possible to better control the fermentation and storage of beer. And there too, it was made by women." While the industrial revolution caused and accelerated the decline of artisanal breweries, it also had the effect of gradually excluding women from the production process, or relegating them to minor positions, such as bottling.

Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West planning for their fourth child?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West planning for their fourth child

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would like to welcome a new baby into their family. However, Kim will probably not bring the baby into her belly. According to Us Weekly magazine. She is planning to have her fourth child from a surrogate mother, in the same way as the third. 

The reason behind Kim Kardashian going for a surrogate mother to have her fourth child is that she suffers from placenta accreta as she explained this illness in an interview with Elle last March: "In most instances, most women die giving birth because of this illness. They are suffering from bleeding and no one can control it".For the placenta to come out, the doctor had to put his arm in me and itch the placenta. It was really painful," she explained.

Although time didn't pass very long after their third childbirth, Chicago, West, and Kim had been already thinking about having their fourth child. In addition, several sources say that Kim is planning to use their embryo as a way to fertilize a surrogate mother. The couple already has three children: Chicago 7 months old, North 5 years old, Saint 2-and-a-half years old. Coming from the same interview, the young woman said that she would not like to bring more than 4 children into the family. It is likely that Kim Kardashian would soon arrive at her last child."She said, "I don't think I can handle any more than 4 children. 

However, Kim' sisters did not want to confirm this information. They would rather wait for the new season to be broadcast on TV."In the show, I'm open to talking about it. We started shooting the sixteenth season, which means that if anything is going to happen, you'll have to find it out on the show.

Friday, October 26

A grandmother stabs her granddaughter to death and then bakes her in the oven!

There are times during life when one is wondering how people find so much strength to do such awful and terrible things, which is exactly the same question that we ask ourselves with this grandma for stabbing her granddaughter to death with a knife and then baking her in an oven. 

A little Toddler of 20 months old was found inside the oven!

This creepy story which is so scary and extremely brutal. A grandma stabbed her granddaughter to death with a knife and then baked her in an oven. Yeah, you've read it right and we've never heard such a thing like this before. This is Carolyn Jones, the grandmother in charge, who' s 48 in age. She was obviously arrested by local cops when a family member of her found out that a little girl of 20 months old was inside her oven. Indeed, Carolyn.J had taken a decision to put an end to her grandchild's life, but for some reason, no one knows why she did it. The only thing that we know for sure is that the granddaughter was raised mostly by her grandma from the moment she came into the world.

The most insane part of all this is that when the grandmother started out, by stabbing her granddaughter first, with several stabs before baking her in the oven. And that' s when it must have been hard to understand: so why would she bake her after she' s just stabbed her several times? There is no way to understand it, and at this point, the authorities are also in lack of understanding. 

There is an investigation in progress to find out why this granny committed such a horrifying thing. 

The whole story is now going viral all over the world and particularly in the US where this violent murder has provoked strong emotions and reactions all over the country. A fundraising campaign was also set up to arrange a decent funeral and a proper honor for this little girl who had a very short life but who suffered so badly. As for the grandma, she faces life prison or an execution for such a crime.

Thursday, October 25

For this reason you should never sleep with your Smartphone!

For this reason you should never sleep with your Smartphone!
Credit: Flickr 

US firefighters recently warned against using your smartphone or maybe tablet during bedtime. 

In fact, they even had several photos posted of a charger which had literally caught on fire somewhere between bedsheets and a pillow. 

The idea of sleeping with a smartphone in your bed it's a dangerous habit which you should get rid of for many reasons. The first reason is that the light from the screens can prevent us from sleeping and therefore make it difficult for us to sleep. 

Watch out for the fire 

However, recent reports show that it is possible for you to end up being in a hospital if you put your phone on a bed while it is charging.US firefighters in Newton, Massachusetts, recently shared photos on their Facebook account showing sheets and a pillow that were burned down by an iPhone charger. According to the fires department, "a study confirmed that 54% of children/teenagers are charging their tablets or phones either on their bed or under their pillow".This makes it difficult for the battery charger to dissipate heat on these surfaces, so it never stops heating before it ignites. The best thing to do is to place your smartphone on a surface that is open to air. On top of that, it is recommended to use a manufacturer certified charger, as this provides an additional safety guarantee. And that means you've been warned and you' re all set for a good night's sleep.