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Friday, February 15

Apple : Smart Battery Case for iPhone Xr, Xs et Xs Max!

Apple now offers a Smart Battery Case triplet in stores for iPhone Xr, Xs and Xs Max.

Apple boosts the autonomy of its iPhone!

For the last few days now, Apple has been offering a new range of Smart Battery Cases on its Store. Accessories that aim to give smartphones more autonomy, while providing real protection for the iPhone. According to the American giant: "Thanks to the flexible elastomer hinge system, the shell is easy to install and remove. » 

Of course, the Smart Battery Case is compatible with Qi certified chargers. The user can simultaneously charge his iPhone and Smart Battery Case, to boost the autonomy of his smartphone. According to Apple, the feature provides 39 hours of talk-time, 22 hours of web browsing and 27 hours of video playback (for iPhone Xr). speaking of iPhone XS, XR, XS Max, you can have one of your very own by entering our competition! (Aus citizen only).

"When using the Smart Battery Case, the battery status is displayed on the iPhone lock screen and in the Notification Center to accurately indicate the remaining battery life. " states Apple. 

On the official Apple store, can now offer three Smart Battery Case models, each designed to boost the iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. Note that iPhone X is not concerned here. In terms of color, Apple's Smart Battery Case is available in black or white. Too bad for the iPhone Xr, which is available in many colors....

As for prices, you have to pay a (heavy) bill of 167 USD to purchase this Smart Battery Case, the price being the same, whether you own an iPhone Xr, an iPhone Xs or an iPhone Xs Max. It is not the first time that Apple has launched this type of accessory to inflate the autonomy of its iPhone, even if it means shooting the design a little bit.

Thursday, November 22

Trump blasts retired Navy SEAL suggesting he should have caught Bin Laden earlier and calling him a "Hillary Clinton fan"!

Trump blasts retired Navy SEAL suggesting that he should have caught Bin Laden earlier

President Donald Trump made a mockery of retired Admiral Bill McRaven - the Navy SEAL who led the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden - by describing him as a "Hillary Clinton fan" in an exclusive interview with Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday".He also stated that bin Laden should have been caught many years earlier, but he did not explain how the Obama administration should have done so.

The president Trump made these comments after Wallace questioned him regarding McRaven's criticism of Trump's press attacks.

Last year, McRaven, who did not endorse the 2016 presidential election, described Trump's attitude in a speech at the University of Texas as "the greatest threat to democracy in my life".A four-star admiral who retired from the navy back in 2014, Mr. McRaven on August also wrote an opinion piece asking Mr. Trump to revoke his security clearance after the president retired John Brennan, former director of the CIA.

"Hillary Clinton fan" said Trump to Wallace Sunday when faced with criticism from the retired admiral. "Excuse me, Hillary Clinton fan."

"He is a supporter of Hillary Clinton and Obama," Trump pointed out before Wallace said McRaven was a Navy SEAL for nearly four decades.

Pointing to Bin Laden's raid, Trump added: "It wouldn't have been good if we'd got Osama Bin Laden much earlier than that. Wouldn't that have been great?"

"Living in Pakistan, beautifully in Pakistan, in what I imagine they considered to be a very nice mansion, I don't know, I've seen much better ones," he continues. "But living in Pakistan in the same place as the military academy, everyone in Pakistan had known that he was there. And for years we give Pakistan $1.3 billion a year and they don't tell it, they don't tell it... over years."

Wallace asked if Trump would give the McRaven team credit for "bringing down Bin Laden".

"They took him down but - but look, look, look, all the news is out there, in Pakistan, he lived there, so we support Pakistan, on a yearly basis we give them $1.3 billion, which we don't give them anymore, by the way, because they don't do anything for us, they do nothing at all for us", said Trump.

Mr. McRaven replied on Sunday by stating to CNN that he was neither supporting Mrs. Clinton nor anyone else in the 2016 election. He pointed out that partisanship played no role whatsoever in his professional career.

"He told CNN: " All I know is that I am a fan of President George W. Bush and President Obama, with whom I have worked". "I have great admiration for all presidents, no matter what political party they belong to, who defend the dignity of their office and use it to bring the nation together in these difficult times."

In addition, the former Navy SEAL said he was sticking to his comment that Trump's attacks on the press were "the greatest threat to our democracy in my entire life".

"When you violate the people's right to freedom of the press and freedom of speech and expression, you are threatening the Constitution and everything it stands for," he said.

Shortly after publicly reprimanding the president in the August editorial, McRaven, who headed the U.S. Special Operations Command from 2011 to 2014, resigned from the Pentagon's Technology Advisory Council.

Monday, November 19

Video: A Shocking scene when a thug hits a female police officer with a flying kick under a city bus - as the public goes by without any help...

This is the most horrifying time when a member of the police and his co-worker are brutally beaten during a brutal attack on a street in South London.

On Twitter Post, mobile phone images show two men beating and kicking both the two officers while dozens of people pass by without any action.

The shocking incident that occurred Saturday evening in Merton, South West London, witnessed the two male abusers in hoodies pulling the police officer out of his cruise-car and kicking him.

Then a policewoman can be seen struggling to snatch them from her co-worker, in which case she fails when a man brutally throws her to the ground.

The attack comes at the midpoint of the London violent crime wave, with 122 murders committed in the capital so far this year on the weekends.

In their sweatpants and hoodies, the two men brutally beat the two police officers on Saturday evening. It was videotaped by a camera and reportedly happened in Merton in South West London on Saturday night. 

On Saturday at 7:55 pm, a man in his car recorded the clip with music in the background, showing several people passing by without stopping in order to support the officers.

A bus passes in front of the chaos without stopping to intervene.

Finally, with the help of a heroic motorcyclist, the police officer managed to remove the abuser from him and pin him down to arrest him.

On Twitter, the video was uploaded with the title:'South London at night... Lol'.

A spokesperson for the Met Police told MailOnline that a 20-year-old man had been arrested and charged with causing SAHs and assaulting an emergency services staff member.

As well, there were charges of driving without a licence or insurance after being arrested by the police. He will appear today in Wimbledon Magistrates Court.

The other two men involved, one of them seen in the video, are still missing.
You can see one of the men (in the picture in the navy) kicking the female officer with a brutal Fly kick (in black and white uniform on the ground) as she runs to try to help her injured co-worker.

There was a mixed response from the footage on Twitter, some found it funny and others criticized the witness for not acting.

Not even the funniest one at all. If it were the other way around, there would be streets riots, lol. Show some respect,' a person tweeted.

There was another one who said, " You should be ashamed of yourself for videotaping this and not even trying to help.

" These people would be the first to ask for services when they need them!

Thursday, November 15

Snowfall Warning: A strong storm is heading towards Quebec and no one will be immune to it!

Snowfall Warning: A strong storm is heading towards Quebec
In case you are planning to take the road on Friday morning, we have some advices for you. First of all, make sure you have snow tires on your vehicle, but also, plan to leave a little earlier than usual, because everything indicates that it won't be easy on the roads tomorrow morning! The reason? A lot of snow is expected and for the south, there is even heavy snow with rain.

It is because of the advent of a low-pressure system with a significant drop in pressure that certain sectors of Quebec should be getting a weather bomb that promises to be worthy of the name.

As we all remember, over the weekend, we were treated to a lot of heavy snow and strong winds, but that was only a first impression of what was to come because the coming of this second low-pressure system will complicate things in a very significant way!
Snowfall Warning: A strong storm is heading towards Quebec

Tuesday Wednesday going to mark a short break from the bad weather and let's hope that everyone had a good time, because this break will be for a very short period of time. It is therefore during the night from Wednesday to Thursday that things will become more difficult with the coming of this second low-pressure system.

Snowfall Warning: A strong storm is heading towards Quebec

Abitibi-Temiscamingue should have less snow, less than 5 cm, than any other region. In the southern part of the province, not only is there likely to be a lot of snow, but it should be accompanied by rain as well, so we can already predict that road conditions will not be very agreeable during the peak hour.

Later in the day, the low-pressure system will affect the central and eastern parts of the province and therefore, the areas most likely to be affected by heavy snowfalls will be the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and Quebec City. It is expected that snowfall will exceed 15 cm.

At the end of the day, it will then be the turn of the Outaouais and Montreal to be affected by the precipitation. It should be noted that this precipitation is expected to reach its peak during the night.

On Friday, it is expected that residual precipitation will occur.

As explained by MeteoMedia specialists, we talk about a weather bomb when a "system[...] is strongly reinforced over a short period of time. The criteria for determining this is a drop of at least 24 millibars of pressure in less than 24 hours."

Thus, according to meteorologists, it is reported that between Wednesday and Friday, the province will go from "995 millibars to 953 millibars, which is a drop of 42 millibars".This phenomenon will intensify the low-pressure system and result in increased precipitation, in addition to more violent winds than normal.

A reminder that on Friday, for the first time in the year, there was more than 5 cm of rainfall throughout the province. Otherwise, some sectors have already passed the 15 cm of snow mark and more!
So for those who thought they could escape winter this year, that will be for another year!

Source: DailyMail
Photo Credit: iStock

Friday, November 9

Video: A young women regularly drinks her dog's urine because she believes it can cure all her problems!

Young women regularly drinks her dog's urine

They say you have to suffer to be beautiful. Indeed, this is unfortunately too often true,but what's most disturbing about all this is that if we're willing to suffer in order to be beautiful,but what's most disturbing about all this is that if we are willing to suffer in order to embellish ourselves, we' re actually willing to do anything in order to receive a compliment or two about the way we look physically.

Now, if you're here telling yourself that we're exaggerating by saying that people are willing to do "anything" to look good, it's only because you don't know the Amy Lynn Lew story yet.

Let's face it, it's pretty hard to beat Amy Lynn Lew when it comes to the crazy things we're willing to do to look pretty. Of course, Amy may not suffer to look pretty, but for many people, just thinking about what she agrees to do to look pretty is a painful thing. Amy had acne problems and in order to fix this problem for good, the young woman chose a rather... original treatment. While we usually go to a dermatologist or similar specialist when we deal with acne problems, Amy has decided to turn to... her dog. According to Amy's claims, her dog's urine has properties that would cure her acne problems, in addition, to give a natural glow to her face.

In the video, it was clear that Amy was going to collect urine from her dog with a plastic glass. Then, the next second, she would "feast" the dog urine by drinking it, in front of the camera's eye.

As Amy explained in her video, the young woman says that she was depressed before she started drinking her dog's urine. But her depression is now a thing of the past, thanks to her dog's urine, Amy has put an end to many of her problems. Not only does she no longer have acne problems, but she has found her happiness again. According to Amy, dog urine is a significant source of vitamins A and E, as well as a good source of calcium. Otherwise, it is not known where Amy got such information, but she also claims that dog urine has cancer-fighting.

It' s important NOT TO drink your dog's urine for any reason, as all health specialists will tell you: there is no point in doing such a thing. And Hopefully, someone will finally tell Amy...

Thursday, November 8

Video: A CNN journalist's accreditation suspended by the White House after having "placed his hands on a woman"He states " A Lie"

Video: A CNN journalist's accreditation suspended by the White House after having "placed his hands on a woman"He states " A Lie"

A sanction that the White House justifies by the journalist's behavior... who just wanted to ask questions.

"I can fire everyone right now." This short sentence pronounced by Donald Trump at the end of his press conference on Wednesday, November 7, now makes sense. A few minutes earlier, the real estate guru, who was to talk about midterm results during a press conference., attacked Jim Acosta, a CNN journalist who is accredited at the White House.

The reason for this was his embarrassing questions pointed to Trump about his position regarding the "caravan"'s migrants and the investigation into suspected collusion with Russia, as shown in the video below:

On Twitter, several correspondents on site reported a few minutes later that Jim Acosta had been penalized by the US Presidency, which suspended him from his accreditation. This was later confirmed by Jim Acosta on Twitter."I have just been denied access to the White House," he said.

For her part, Sarah Sanders, the White House spokeswoman, stated that it was due to his behavior to which the journalist was penalized. "President Trump believes in a free press (...) But we will never tolerate a reporter laying his hand on a young woman simply trying to do her internship in the White House," she tweeted. "It's a lie," Jim Acosta immediately replied.

In a statement, the US TV station also denounced Sarah Sanders' "lies"."She provided false accusations and mentioned an incident that never happened. This unprecedented decision is a serious threat to our democracy, and our country deserves better," CNN added, stating that Jim Acosta had the full support of the editorial staff.

It did not take long for the Presidential Press Association to stand up for Jim Acosta."Revoking access to the White House complex is a disproportionate reaction to the alleged offense, and is unacceptable", stated in a statement Olivier Knox, head of the White House Correspondents' Association. This structure also strongly urges the US Presidency to "immediately cancel this low and misguided action".

Notably, this is not the only clash that the 45th American President made during a press conference. To a black journalist who was questioning him about his nationalist rhetoric, which could play into the hands of white supremacists, Donald Trump replied that she had just asked "a racist question".

Wednesday, November 7

US: Democratic push, but no "blue wave" anti-Trump!

US: Democratic push, but no "blue wave" anti-Trump!

The Democrats won a precious victory in the mid-term elections on Tuesday evening by taking partial control of Congress, but the announced anti-Trump "wave" did not take place. 

Two years after the shock victory of Donald Trump, who was promoted to the White House without any political or diplomatic experience, voters crowded into polling stations across the country.

According to estimates by American TV stations, the Democrats have regained control of the House of Representatives for the first time since 2010. Republicans, on the other hand, have retained their majority in the Senate, which they could even increase by one or two seats. The United States will find itself, in January 2019, with a divided 116th Congress, which should limit the 45th President of the United States' room for maneuver until the next legislative and presidential elections, scheduled for November 2020.

Kanye West gives Kim Kardashian a very beautiful surprise!

Kim Kardashian always supports Kanye West all the time in his projects. and also takes great care of her husband. Kanye West, therefore, wanted to thank his sweetheart by giving her a very lovely surprise! 


Kim Kardashian has always appeared as a caring and sensitive woman who loves her husband. The reality TV star always encourages the rapper in his decisions and helps him a lot. And even if she doesn't always fully agree with him, she is always trying to support him to the best of her ability. Kanye West has lost his fame since he made the announcement that he supports Donald Trump's policy. Luckily, he can count on his wife's help to get him elected for the upcoming elections! Kanye West was remarkably romantic this weekend with Kim Kardashian. in fact on Sunday, she unveiled several photos of her house with many bouquets of white pink roses. Obviously, the rapper was planning to surprise his wife by placing flowers all over the house! This is something that particularly pleased Kim who was very happy enough to share all the picture with her followers! on her Instagram account!


With all the attention Kanye West has given, it seems that the couple is doing very well. However, a few weeks ago, The man announced to the media that he was preparing to move to Chicago permanently. The rapper wants to start a new music project and he doesn't want to live in LA anymore. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian had said that she was not willing to follow Kanye West to Chicago and instead, she would stay with her children in Los Angeles! However, Kim had also said that she supports her husband in this decision. And especially when the two stars were already owning a villa in Chicago. Nevertheless, Kim Kardashian had admitted that she was not worried about her relationship with her husband. According to her, Kanye West often makes huge choices but doesn't always stick to them... We only have to wait for the couple to decide what will become after a couple of months.