Friday, October 26

A grandmother stabs her granddaughter to death and then bakes her in the oven!

There are times during life when one is wondering how people find so much strength to do such awful and terrible things, which is exactly the same question that we ask ourselves with this grandma for stabbing her granddaughter to death with a knife and then baking her in an oven. 

A little Toddler of 20 months old was found inside the oven!

This creepy story which is so scary and extremely brutal. A grandma stabbed her granddaughter to death with a knife and then baked her in an oven. Yeah, you've read it right and we've never heard such a thing like this before. This is Carolyn Jones, the grandmother in charge, who' s 48 in age. She was obviously arrested by local cops when a family member of her found out that a little girl of 20 months old was inside her oven. Indeed, Carolyn.J had taken a decision to put an end to her grandchild's life, but for some reason, no one knows why she did it. The only thing that we know for sure is that the granddaughter was raised mostly by her grandma from the moment she came into the world.

The most insane part of all this is that when the grandmother started out, by stabbing her granddaughter first, with several stabs before baking her in the oven. And that' s when it must have been hard to understand: so why would she bake her after she' s just stabbed her several times? There is no way to understand it, and at this point, the authorities are also in lack of understanding. 
There is an investigation in progress to find out why this granny committed such a horrifying thing. 
The whole story is now going viral all over the world and particularly in the US where this violent murder has provoked strong emotions and reactions all over the country. A fundraising campaign was also set up to arrange a decent funeral and a proper honor for this little girl who had a very short life but who suffered so badly. As for the grandma, she faces life prison or an execution for such a crime.

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