Thursday, October 18

Facebook announced a new feature "Watch"

Facebook announced a new feature "Watch"
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Facebook announced the global launch of its new feature known as "Watch".Indeed Mark Zuckerberg has decided to invest a billion dollars in this great project, that already tested in the US and being used daily by over 50 million subscribers, is an innovative and ambitious new feature. 

What is this newest feature? 

You may have already noticed it, but the American giant has just released its latest project that may have a big impact. This new and free feature "Watch" allows you to watch comedic videos, new series, new series, news, cooking and also you can watch sport live. Facebook purchased the rights for the UEFA Champions League, which is now available free of charge for South Americans to watch. To access this new feature, you simply have to open Facebook and click on the small TV-shaped icon. In addition, you can access Watch on your tablet, smartphone, laptop, and on an connected TV as well. 

 A real competitor 

At first, Facebook is trying by all means to overtake its worst competitor, YouTube, and for this reason, Facebook is going to broadcast HD music videos, since the quality of the videos remains to be expected. Not only that, but Facebook is also planning to integrate its content-producers back into their new platforms since the platform is planning to pay videographers who create content of more than 3 minutes. The only requirement is that the content must be subscribed from more than ten thousand people and that it must have more than thirty thousand views over two months. As you may have figured out, the idea is to encourage the big YouTubers to move to Watch. 

YouTube is not the only enemy to be defeated. CEO of Facebook Zuckerberg is absolutely determined to defeat the platforms of VOD, these include Amazon and Netflix in the first place. In order to do this, you can find your favorite series. And that's not all, Watch is aiming to be the future television. For this point, there's not much to get into in Watch, but judging by the determination of Facebook, this new feature seems insane!

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