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Johnny Depp confesses to Amber Heard's accusations of violence!

Johnny Depp confesses to Amber Heard's accusations
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Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has decided to confess to the accusations concerning domestic violence of his ex Amber Heard! 

Johnny Depp has chosen to return to the situation of domestic violence charges of his ex-girlfriend, Amber Heard. Indeed, the actress had claimed that she was a victim of violence from Vanessa Pardis' ex. The actor, therefore, revealed everything in an interview with GQ magazine. 


Indeed Johnny Depp lived a romance story with the American actress Amber Heard. They were very much in love with this passionate love that often leads to tears. The two actors ended their relationship and divorced in January 2017. And after three years of love, the two lovers didn't end their story in the best way. Indeed, he wanted to answer to the charges instead of an interview for GQ.

The actor said he was beaten twice in the face after arriving late for his ex-wife's birthday party. While he is accused her of hitting him with a mobile phone during an argument. And now Johnny Depp suffers from the label of a violent man. 


«The thing that hurt me the most is being presented as a person that I'm really far from being."Johnny Depp said in an interview with GQ magazine
"Hurt someone you love, like some kind of a bully? No, it can't be me.I'm not a violent man. In the beginning, I didn't say anything. I knew these accusations would stick to me and that they would turn against me.I'm not going to play the one who weaves further on this one. Just unpack what you need to unpack, my lawyers will do the rest ». 

Moreover, Johnny Depp doesn't seem to be on the right track. In this interview, he even compares himself to the main character of the Hunchback of Notre-Dame. « I know and I accept that I've never been Cinderella. From the very beginning, I had the impression that his version had turned me into a beast. I felt that some people were looking at me differently since these charges ». 

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