Wednesday, October 3

Selena Gomez forgets Justin Bieber in DJ Snake's arms!

Credit: commons.wikimedia

Selena Gomez, it looks like she found the love again. On his Instagram account, DJ Snake dropped a boom pic when he called Selena Gomez his BAE! 

Since her breakup with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez has not been in a relationship for a long time. But that would have lasted long enough, and the singer apparently fell for DJ Snake's charms. 

Several months ago, we also found out about the break-up between the young singer and her Ex Justin Bieber. After a first break and also a reconciled break, then the two singers Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber separated for good. 

After a few days, the Canadian singer married the pretty Hailey Baldwin. And a few weeks after the official relationship, Justin Bieber made it official and proposed to her. And meanwhile, Selena Gomez was meeting up with her friends to have a good time and also try to forget him. 

Since the breakup, she wouldn't have known anyone but, her singleness for being finished already.


A few months after her break-up with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez succumbed to the charms of DJ Snake. The two singers have recently released a big sound with Cardi B also under the title Taki Taki Taki. 

But they also got closer during their collaboration. DJ Snake posted a picture on his Instagram and the rumor immediately became known all over the social networks. 

In his Instagram account, he posted a pic with Selena, and we discover DJ Snake hugging Selena Gomez with the tagline "BAE". 

A few moments after this publication, the young singer also replied with a comment. She wrote in a comment "Cute". Following the publication of her comment, DJ Snake responded immediately to Selena Gomez with heart emoji. 
This story is just beginning and we don't know if it is a beautiful story of friendship or the beginning of a new love story.

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