Wednesday, October 10

Stolen dog found and reunited with owner after seven years missing!

Stolen dog found and reunited with owner after seven years missing!
Credit: Flickr user Pete Markham

The dog has stolen 7 years ago, Retrieval Dog was spotted in a kennel and returned to its owners. Although if this story is taking a good turn, its outcome has not yet come, according to the Teacher's Pet. 

The Dg owner had hoped that one day would find her dog Fly, the dog was stolen from her backyard when he was just eight months old. At last, the time had run out of patience. After waiting two years of patience, Florence decided to adopt a new Pet, and another golden retriever, Hasko. As she was thinking this story behind her, on Wednesday day, a pleasant surprise came to brighten up her day. 

While she is sitting front of the TV she got a call and was contacted by a kennel not far from her place in Britain which informed her that her dog had been found, at a distance of forty Km from the place of the kidnap." This is extraordinary but a true story that was missed at around eight months and was found again at the age of eight.I'm completely overwhelmed", she writes in a post on Facebook, which has now been deleted. 

Uneasy co-existence and many uncertainties 

The only thing is, if Fly has his old life back, everything is not going well as planned. It is indeed that difficult to live with Hasko the newly adopted dog in the house."Fly is a dominant dog and tries to bite newly adopted god. I would not want to separate myself from Fly, as the situation is in fact very complicated," she said. In addition to that, she adds there is the mystery of Fly's seven years: "I was delighted to have him back in good shape and has probably had a family for the past seven years, which means nothing is done." 

The Dog owner obviously rejects leaving her partner, but she may have to find another family for Fly if she does not find her former owners, and if the whole situation doesn't get better with Hasko: "If I have to make the choice to part from Fly it will definitely be for a lovely family that I could visit in the future."

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