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Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West planning for their fourth child?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West planning for their fourth child

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would like to welcome a new baby into their family. However, Kim will probably not bring the baby into her belly. According to Us Weekly magazine. She is planning to have her fourth child from a surrogate mother, in the same way as the third. 

The reason behind Kim Kardashian going for a surrogate mother to have her fourth child is that she suffers from placenta accreta as she explained this illness in an interview with Elle last March: "In most instances, most women die giving birth because of this illness. They are suffering from bleeding and no one can control it".For the placenta to come out, the doctor had to put his arm in me and itch the placenta. It was really painful," she explained.

Although time didn't pass very long after their third childbirth, Chicago, West, and Kim had been already thinking about having their fourth child. In addition, several sources say that Kim is planning to use their embryo as a way to fertilize a surrogate mother. The couple already has three children: Chicago 7 months old, North 5 years old, Saint 2-and-a-half years old. Coming from the same interview, the young woman said that she would not like to bring more than 4 children into the family. It is likely that Kim Kardashian would soon arrive at her last child."She said, "I don't think I can handle any more than 4 children. 

However, Kim' sisters did not want to confirm this information. They would rather wait for the new season to be broadcast on TV."In the show, I'm open to talking about it. We started shooting the sixteenth season, which means that if anything is going to happen, you'll have to find it out on the show.

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