Thursday, November 8

Video: A CNN journalist's accreditation suspended by the White House after having "placed his hands on a woman"He states " A Lie"

Video: A CNN journalist's accreditation suspended by the White House after having "placed his hands on a woman"He states " A Lie"

A sanction that the White House justifies by the journalist's behavior... who just wanted to ask questions.

"I can fire everyone right now." This short sentence pronounced by Donald Trump at the end of his press conference on Wednesday, November 7, now makes sense. A few minutes earlier, the real estate guru, who was to talk about midterm results during a press conference., attacked Jim Acosta, a CNN journalist who is accredited at the White House.

The reason for this was his embarrassing questions pointed to Trump about his position regarding the "caravan"'s migrants and the investigation into suspected collusion with Russia, as shown in the video below:

On Twitter, several correspondents on site reported a few minutes later that Jim Acosta had been penalized by the US Presidency, which suspended him from his accreditation. This was later confirmed by Jim Acosta on Twitter."I have just been denied access to the White House," he said.

For her part, Sarah Sanders, the White House spokeswoman, stated that it was due to his behavior to which the journalist was penalized. "President Trump believes in a free press (...) But we will never tolerate a reporter laying his hand on a young woman simply trying to do her internship in the White House," she tweeted. "It's a lie," Jim Acosta immediately replied.

In a statement, the US TV station also denounced Sarah Sanders' "lies"."She provided false accusations and mentioned an incident that never happened. This unprecedented decision is a serious threat to our democracy, and our country deserves better," CNN added, stating that Jim Acosta had the full support of the editorial staff.

It did not take long for the Presidential Press Association to stand up for Jim Acosta."Revoking access to the White House complex is a disproportionate reaction to the alleged offense, and is unacceptable", stated in a statement Olivier Knox, head of the White House Correspondents' Association. This structure also strongly urges the US Presidency to "immediately cancel this low and misguided action".

Notably, this is not the only clash that the 45th American President made during a press conference. To a black journalist who was questioning him about his nationalist rhetoric, which could play into the hands of white supremacists, Donald Trump replied that she had just asked "a racist question".

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