Monday, November 19

Video: A Shocking scene when a thug hits a female police officer with a flying kick under a city bus - as the public goes by without any help...

This is the most horrifying time when a member of the police and his co-worker are brutally beaten during a brutal attack on a street in South London.

On Twitter Post, mobile phone images show two men beating and kicking both the two officers while dozens of people pass by without any action.

The shocking incident that occurred Saturday evening in Merton, South West London, witnessed the two male abusers in hoodies pulling the police officer out of his cruise-car and kicking him.

Then a policewoman can be seen struggling to snatch them from her co-worker, in which case she fails when a man brutally throws her to the ground.

The attack comes at the midpoint of the London violent crime wave, with 122 murders committed in the capital so far this year on the weekends.

In their sweatpants and hoodies, the two men brutally beat the two police officers on Saturday evening. It was videotaped by a camera and reportedly happened in Merton in South West London on Saturday night. 

On Saturday at 7:55 pm, a man in his car recorded the clip with music in the background, showing several people passing by without stopping in order to support the officers.

A bus passes in front of the chaos without stopping to intervene.

Finally, with the help of a heroic motorcyclist, the police officer managed to remove the abuser from him and pin him down to arrest him.

On Twitter, the video was uploaded with the title:'South London at night... Lol'.

A spokesperson for the Met Police told MailOnline that a 20-year-old man had been arrested and charged with causing SAHs and assaulting an emergency services staff member.

As well, there were charges of driving without a licence or insurance after being arrested by the police. He will appear today in Wimbledon Magistrates Court.

The other two men involved, one of them seen in the video, are still missing.
You can see one of the men (in the picture in the navy) kicking the female officer with a brutal Fly kick (in black and white uniform on the ground) as she runs to try to help her injured co-worker.

There was a mixed response from the footage on Twitter, some found it funny and others criticized the witness for not acting.

Not even the funniest one at all. If it were the other way around, there would be streets riots, lol. Show some respect,' a person tweeted.

There was another one who said, " You should be ashamed of yourself for videotaping this and not even trying to help.

" These people would be the first to ask for services when they need them!


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